LETTER: Too important to not have a referendum

This lease “sale” of parklands for 39 years will have a huge, huge impact.

You know if Westbank, Kamloops and other places can have referendums, why can’t Penticton on an issue as ultra-important as a public park that was mostly donated by generous citizens, in a “city” (town) of only 33,000 people.

This lease “sale” of parklands for 39 years will have a huge, huge impact. What’s happening behind the scene? And ,are the mayor and council getting something out of this?

Note to the two lawsuits; don’t give the town any leeway on postponements. They are just jerking you and the citizens around to buy time, hoping it will disappear. There is nothing, nothing to negotiate. It’s not a done deal. I think we’re being too passive in our demonstrations. We should have clogged Main Street instead of in the park. What are they going to do? Arrest 500 to 600 people? No way.

Note to the mayor and council — West Kelowna’s upcoming referendum over whether to build a new city hall and civic centre is an example of B.C.’s long tradition of direct democracy, according to a UBC Okanagan political scientist.

“In political science, we always talk about B.C. citizens having a long tradition of populism,” said Carey Doberstein, assistant professor of political science at UBCO.” (found on CBC).

So do the right thing mayor and council, fess-up that you screwed up,  Tear up the contract and get on with running a town council for the citizens that elected you, this is not a dictatorship.

Georges & Cheryl Jansen