LETTER: Where were parents when children vacationed in Texas and Florida?

Each generation seems more lenient than the last

Dear Editor:

Watching the young people, mostly college kids, cavorting around on the beaches in Florida and Texas without masks or social distancing, you can only wonder where their parents are.

Would you, as a parent of college-age kids, allow your children the freedom to breach all the health regulations of state or federal governments, or in the case of Canada, our federal government rules, and allow them to take flights to beaches that are open this time of year, just because the poor little darlings have had to put up with isolation and computer learning for the last year?

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When you think about it, perhaps the blame should go way back on the shoulders of grandpas and grandmas who never laid down the law on their kids.

Each generation seems more lenient than the last, each is less god-fearing, each lowers the moral standard. Is this the so-called generational curse?

Science has proven that the choices we make as parents – the foods that we eat, the things that we do, our beliefs, our norms – can affect how our DNA is expressed. We pass on the DNA sequence to our kids and to our grandchildren. So, if we become addicted to stuff, we pass along to our children gene instructions that make them more vulnerable to our addictions.

And then we wonder what happened to our children and our grandchildren.

Frank Martens


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