Letter: Who has dual citizenship?

Divided loyalties

NDPer Tom Mulcair was asked about his opinion on dual citizenship. He said about one million Canadians have dual citizenship. Canada’s population is approximately 37 million.

With just one million holding dual citizenship in Canada it would seem to me that percentage-wise far too many dual citizenship holders are holding elected office in the federal government and that not enough importance is being stressed on Canadian values.

Mulcair further stated when he was asked what he would do if he became prime minister. He declared at the time if he became the leader he would give up his dual citizenship.

He then said: “My wife went through travails in the last war in the worst possible way. And it was important. It was important to us that we had the same ability to travel with our kids and move around as this was part of our background.”

In other words, he and his family feel safer if they have an escape clause. Why they would need an escape clause in Canada says something about the integrity of leadership in Canada and their ability to escape any actions they cause that are detrimental to this country.

This should be an election issue. Anyone running for federal office and making decisions affecting the rest of the 36-odd million single passport Canadians needs to have his loyalties tested. Divided loyalties can have a deleterious effect on the governance of our nation; on global affairs; on immigration issues; including the issuing of foreign aid and subsidies; and or the selling of arms or sending of troops to specific areas. All of the above affect the financial budget and the amount of taxes we pay.

Canadians should be secure in the knowledge that all cabinet ministers and above plus all civil servants specifically those in the PMO; making decisions that affect us all only have one loyalty and that loyalty is not divided.

We know Andrew Scheer’s status. Who else running for office has dual citizenship? How about Elizabeth May? What is her American status?

How about the rest of them: Jagmeet Singh; Justin Trudeau; Maxime Bernier? Do any of them hold dual citizenship?

If Canadian citizenship is good enough for the majority of Canadians it should be good enough for the leaders making decisions affecting our tax base.

Elvena Slump


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