Letter: Who should be paying?

How is it that we’ve been hearing so much about the Fentanyl epidemic?

So much talk on the news programs about all those persons that can be affected by contact with the opiate known as Fentanyl. We all know it is mostly the homeless, down and outers that are being filmed by the news media. It seems they are being singled out.

Everyone knows there are two sides to every pancake. So why not show both sides and be open about the problem?

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It is not just the homeless, down and outers that are dealing with this problem. What about those persons that do have a home, and maybe even have jobs, they too are using the resources of the medical systems for the same problem, along with the police forces, the ambulances, hospitals, etc.? Oh, right, they use the systems too, it’s just not being filmed.

All those resources being used, along with the opening of injection sites all funded by the taxpayers.

Why are we not hearing a word about what is being done to the people that are producing and selling this Fentanyl product? All that money being made. Should they not be the ones paying for the injection sites etc.? Whose side is the law on anyway?

I do hope this letter will get some people’s attention.

Joan Johnson