LETTER:Hope for the future

Church is pleased Mirror Image Room found new home

We at Penticton United Church were dismayed when we read that Mirror Image Room, a branch of the Canadian Cancer Society, had lost their funding for an office to provide wigs for those who had lost their hair due to chemotherapy or radiation.

So, we decided to free up a space and provide all the facilities needed.

Members of Penticton United Church felt that we could help provide the room needed by Mirror Image Room, when funding for their office was discontinued by the Canadian Cancer Society. As your recent article pointed out, Mirror Image Room carries on a very necessary service, providing wigs for those who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy or radiation.

It was with mixed emotions that we learned, while showing our room and facilities, that another group had just offered a bigger room and more parking!

Isn’t that great? Hurray for Penticton!

Brad Houston,

Chair, Building & Property Committee, Penticton United Church