LETTERS: A winning situation

My question is why would anyone in their right mind want to run for mayor or council?

Every mayor and council has projects that create controversy. The previous mayor only served a short term and decided he had enough.

I wonder if the protests over the Lakeshore Drive walkway had anything to do with his decision not to run again. We still have a beach, trees are growing to replace the old ones and all the benches and tables were replaced with updated, more durable units complete with dedication plaques.

My question is why would anyone in their right mind want to run for mayor or council? The pay is not great and the abuse they take is absurd.

So much of this protest is being manipulated. I just wish people would go to Skaha and see for themselves what is proposed.

The parking lot for trailers that is now situated between the green space and the beach will be moved into the area along the creek between where the Rotary Water Park is now and the marina. The water park will be moved to a position right on the beach. The present parking lot will be turned into green space on the water and the water slide will have a short side bordering on the beach. Another parking lot will be built south of the marina and a roundabout will be created in front of the boat launch to make launching easier and less congestive. It will be a friendly situation with more usable green space.

I feel the whole project is well thought out and designed. The final product will be something we can be proud of.

Previous mayors have had referendums. Why don’t they make the decision of the referendum binding e.g. when they did the SOEC, they had a referendum to borrow the money and then had another one on the ballet that was not binding. It asked if the electorate was OK with a private firm running the SOEC Now it is being proposed that taxpayer group be created, funded by our tax money. Individuals are demanding tax money be spent on referendums to check up on the council. What are these people thinking? Save tax money?

Look at what previous councils have done with a tax base as small as Penticton’s. The walkway was built with taxpayer money and has added to the ambience of Okanagan Lake. The South Okanagan Events Centre, which made me cringe with all the cost over runs, is paying its way and was built with taxpayer’s money. The aquatic and convention centre were built with taxpayers money and doing well. Our councils do a great job and should be applauded.

In this situation we have a company prepared to rebuild several city structures, with their money and pay the city for the privilege. If they can’t make money the city takes it back. It is a winning situation for us. Our park will be upgraded and we get paid.

“Doc” Holloway