LETTERS: Council not out to destroy the city

The mayor and council are not stupid people out to destroy our city.

It really disturbs me when I see our intelligent, competent and conscientious elected officials constantly being harassed by a hand full of uninformed individuals that don’t even bother to talk to them before they start a campaign trying to destroy all the research and work that has been done.

In every case their input would be analyzed and appreciated. The Lakeshore walkway was falling apart and desperately needed refurbishing. The demonstrations and protests almost killed this fantastic improvement which everyone now loves.

Fortunately the protest to putting in seven day mooring slips has died, but what a ridiculous thing to object to — safer parking for boats that visit our city. For years boaters have been legally beaching their craft so they can visit the museum, the restaurants and attractions around the SS Sicamous

All this talk about losing park land is nonsense. What parks has the city developed? They are called Rotary Park and Gyro Park because these organizations stepped up to the plate to create them. The Japanese Garden would still be a jungle if a society hadn’t taken it on and the SS Sicamous would have rusted into dust without that society.

The now LocoLanding area was a ruin until the present managers built a commercial venture on the site and pay money to the city every year for the privilege of operating it. The Peach and the other beach concessions are run by private individuals who pay rent to the city.

The Rotary water park which is on its last legs and all the city facilities in the area will be rebuilt and upgraded at no cost to the tax payer with the Skaha Marina/waterslides development. A lawn will be turned into a fun playground for all to enjoy. Yes the marina will profit, as will the city. This is called progress.

The mayor and council are not stupid people out to destroy our city. They study every proposal and make an educated decision with far more information than any of us possess and make decisions because that is what we asked them to do.  If after they have served their term and we feel they didn’t do a good job they can be replaced, but give them a chance.

“Doc” Holloway