LETTERS: Erosion of democracy must stop

Stephen Harper has repeatedly disrespected Canada’s democracy in his greed for power.

Stephen Harper has repeatedly disrespected Canada’s democracy in his greed for power.

In 2011, Harper’s Conservatives were found to be in contempt of Parliament  becoming the only Government of Canada as well as the only one of the entire Commonwealth’s 53 nations to be found in contempt.

Subsequently, because of our imperfect electoral system, Harper was rewarded with a majority government by only 35 per cent of voters. Perhaps his supporters hadn’t noticed his shame, didn’t care or simply trusted his word. Not surprisingly the Harper government, unlike the other parties, has no plans to even consider a form of proportional representation.

Additionally, Harper has prorogued Parliament four times. The Conservatives have been found guilty of breaking electoral rules on numerous occasions — exceeding spending limits, accepting illegal donations and placing robo calls intended to suppress voting by non-supporters.

His unprecedented silencing of Canadian scientists serves only to hide their findings from taxpayers who fund the research. Harper prefers to have the electorate unaware that instead of making fact based policies, his government prefers fabricating policy-based “facts.”

Harper has made this campaign the painfully longest in our history so that the Conservatives and their wealthy supporters could further outspend the other Parties, continue their fear mongering and spreading of misinformation.

If you are one of the majority of voters who have joined the “heave Steve” aka ABC (anything but Conservative) movement then please choose carefully. Don’t be misled by those who cite national poles. Locally, Richard Cannings, our outstanding NDP candidate, is your man to beat Harper’s Conservatives and help restore respect for our precious democracy.

Beverley Boden




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