LETTERS: Home of the free?

Osoyoos resident questions United States as home of the free

Why is it that the United States claims to be the home of the brave and land of the free when there is so much unrest and crime staining their homeland from coast to coast – sea to sea?

Why is it the U.S. insists on changing the ways of people in foreign lands that were inhabited long before North America was discovered  absent of any human being called an American?

Why is it the U.S. appears to believe they are the only ones that can fix the internal problems with those countries who prefer not to share their views?

Why is it that the Democratic Party and the Republican Party can’t agree on how to wind a watch?

Why is the U.S. just can’t mind their own business before sticking their nose in where it doesn’t belong?

Why is it all the conflicts and invasions the U.S. get involved, but never settled, only makes the world get closer to it’s own death?

The U.S. would just love to be the battery that powers and controls the entire world and that I believe just ain’t going to happen as sadly they live under a self-made bubble of fear.

Ted Azyan