LETTERS: If it isn’t broken don’t try and fix it

Please show your love of, and pride in our country and take the responsibility of voting

I listened intently as I watched the program on CBC wherein the uncommitted voters were questioning the political “expert” panel. The common thread could be summed up by one question quote, “How do I get information that I can count on, that is credible and clear?”

The first thing for clear thinking you must shut out of your mind, the insulting, character bashing, Hollywood performances of Trudeau and Mulcair. Think about which of the three characters would you be proud to see, on the world stage as your prime minister.

I’ve known Stephen Harper for decades. He is a man of intelligence, wisdom and integrity. He has dedicated his life to serving our beautiful country, with all his energy. His experience with the Reform Party, the Alliance, and now the Conservative Party of Canada, has given him the knowledge necessary to lead us in a direction of balance  and stability. I would put my life and assets in Stephen’s hands, for the protection of both. I would never run the risk with Trudeau or Mulcair.

Managing the Canadian economy, including it’s people, requires tremendous skill. The pie is only so big and all sectors want a little more than their share. Human beings are working with our Prime Minister and they will make mistakes. Stephen has dealt with the mistakes, quickly. Cancer happens and must be treated to the best of one’s ability, then get on with life.

People, from India, Philippines, Vietnam, etc.,  are lined up, waiting to immigrate to the best country in the world, Canada. Syrian refugees are having their heads and/or limbs cut off and are striving to immigrate here. Which group, and how many from each, and with what security check?

It requires a level headed, not just an emotional, decision, if we do not want to make a mistake that could be devastating to our country.

Good government does not just happen. You can not just say, “Give me the reins, it is simple, I can do it.”

On the local scene, we have a great choice in Marshall Neufeld. He has the experience of several years working under the tutorship of great servants of our constituency, namely Stockwell Day and Dan Albas. These men have set a pattern of great representation for us, along with terrific communication.

Please show your love of, and pride in our country and take the responsibility of voting.

Joe Driscoll




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