LETTERS: Impressed by Penticton Library and Museum Staff

Penticton Museum and Library received thanks from emergency support services

On behalf of the Emergency Support Services we want to give a big thank you to the staff of the Penticton Museum and Library.

On Thursday, Nov. 20 we were called to assist in the  placement of evacuees from the fire at the Kirkland Apartments.

When we arrived at the Penticton Library auditorium we were impressed to find that the staff had not only opened the doors to those affected by the fire, but they had set up tables and chairs and put out coffee and cookies as well.

As a result of the Penticton Fire Department being able to get most  of the residents back in the building, we only needed to relocate a few people. Had circumstances been different, this could have had a much different outcome. We truly appreciate the welcoming smiles and effort put forth by the Penticton  Museum and Library staff.

Bonny Billups

Alida Erickson

Co-Directors ESS Penticton