LETTERS: It is really quite simple

It is really quite simple, 6,000 Pentictonites say — do not touch our park!

On Saturday, Nov. 7 some friends and I drove to Skaha Lake Park to check out how many people had come to the rally that was so warmly recommended by our mayor .

We were pleasantly surprised when by 2 p.m. I counted only 48 adults. By 2:10 p.m. the group had grown to at the most 100 and by 2:20 p.m. it was all over. No helicopter, no pictures, no waterslides.

So there you are Mr. Mayor. The fact is that it looks like the vote was 100 to 6,000 signatures and hundreds of letters to the editor from the Save The Park supporters. Would you please tell us now why you still so stubbornly persist to get your way?

You still have not replied to our court challenge and continue to spend vast amounts of our tax money to fight a fight that you can not win. How many of your senior staff is working every day on this fiasco?

Think about it, the vast majority of Pentictonites opposes your scheme. Two waterslides in Penticton were not successful. We have a waterslide at the community pool which is very seldom used and it looks like Trio could not get the financing required in time. That’s why they asked for a postponement, is it not?

Mr. Mayor and council, would you please inform your “silent majority” that we are not against waterslides — build  as many as you like. We are also all in favour of the renovation of the marina. We are just very much opposed to the destruction of our park and replacing it with a waterslide financed partly with our tax money. What part of our wishes do you not understand? It is really quite simple, 6,000 Pentictonites say — do not touch our park!

Bernie Strohmann