LETTERS: Kudos to the Penticton fire department

Letters to the editor for the Wednesday, June 24, 2014 issue.

Kudos to the fire department

I have a friend that is a fire fighter and have always known he would give his life for his family, friends and strangers.

I unfortunately did something without a lot of forethought trying to save time starting the pool up. I decided to add stabilizer to the shock treatment. Not very smart, never mix any chemicals.

It took about 10 minutes in total and scared me to death. A frothing volcano from my sink,  then shooting geysers. The smell was so extreme I couldn’t re-enter my home.

I called my firefighter friend who came to my rescue. He realized how dangerous the situation was and called the fire department and his comrades showed up and with no hesitation dealt with my mistake quickly and efficiently.

I have taken for granted that they are there when we need them but until yesterday I never realized what risks they take to save people, whether it is a burning building, car accident, etc.

We all should be thankful that the firemen are there at the ready every day 24/7 to help, and put their lives at risk for anyone that is in an emergency.  They do not receive the accolades they deserve and that is why I have written this letter to say, thank you for all that you do everyday for anyone in need and for me the other night.

Connie Warren


Community centre woes numerous

For the last two years we visited  the recreation centre twice a week to participate in the water exercises and to the Cleland Theatre at least eight to 10 times a year to take in the concerts by the OSO and the CCA .

We have a beautiful facility, maybe one of the nicest in the valley But beautiful and nice alone do not make a well functioning facility. Last fall we attended a beautiful concert by a very well known pianist. The theatre was so cold she had to rub her hands and fingers to be able to continue.

Finally someone brought her an electric heater to warm her hands after every piece. Nobody is checking the building before the audience arrives?

In early winter the roof started to leak. During a rain shower the side walk could not be used without getting soaked. Winter came with cold and snow and when the snow melted large icicles formed under the overhang endangering the visitors to the centre. In early spring dozens of boards were removed from the overhang, they have not yet been replaced.

One afternoon in mid-winter we went to the pool and found the temperature quite cool. We did not stay very long. We were told something  was wrong with the heating system. The water had also cooled down. It took almost a week to bring the water and air back to normal temperatures. What was the problem? Believe it or not we were told somebody had accidentally switched the air conditioning from heating to cooling. Another time the pool was closed for several days because they had trouble with the boilers. In a three-year-old building? No guarantee?

Now the latest, all the tiles in the whole pool area have to be replaced. No guarantee on any of the above items? Who is the person in charge? Where does the buck stop? My guess would be in the administrators office.

Bernie Strohmann


Make sure grad is safe

Graduation is a special life moment which symbolizes the achievement of many years worth of effort, trials and successes.

Families and parent and students beam with pride as the convocation ceremonies get underway.

As students begin to transition into lives of their own, the choice of our youth to celebrate responsibly is one on everyone’s minds.  Please arrange safe rides home, celebrate responsibly and talk to your friends on how to keep each other safe.  Momentary decisions can be life altering or life ending.

Linda Sankey, executive director of the South Okanagan Similkameen Brain Injury Society

Thanks for support

A big thank you to the thousands of Pentictonites who have honked, waved, brought home-baked goods and even purchased coffee and doughnuts for those educators (and not just teachers, but all adults who work in the school system) who picketed during the current rotating strike. I can’t express enough our gratitude for those simple gestures of support and kindness.

As for those who do not support the current rotating strike, I fully understand and respect that you have your own opinion and in fact I am glad you do have an opinion. I just wish you would express your views in ways other than cursing, yelling profanities or displaying certain fingers as you drive by.

George Marques