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LETTERS: Lots of channels, anything on?

We decide our own level of involvement, whether consciously or not.

There are many who are quick to find fault with the local politicians.

Yet, a few dozen years ago a famous quote was born. Something to the effect of given enough time, everybody will get their 15 minutes of fame.

In this day and age of digital this and flash drives that, and the thousands of tweets per second, there is literally not enough time in any week to even have a glance at a facial image of each person alive today. If I were to have enough money to stand on a street corner handing out loonys, some would complain I am not handing out toonies, and even some would complain about the handing out to loonys.

Some would even question that last sentence in both grammar and spelling.

On the local level, there are so many issues, in economics, social and more. And yet, so very little time. I recall there being a record number of people running for the councillor positions. There were even complaints about that. Yet, for those who did both put their name on the ballot, and spent the time participating, well done!

Maybe this new information age is part of the problem some see. Maybe there are better ways of managing the seemingly endless list of issues that come up before council. And yet again, there seems to be both not enough time and money to keep everyone satisfied. In this new age of information, there are still those clinging on to the past and trying to earn more, consume more, and yet, forgetting this one important fact of life, (in my opinion) this is the only life we have.

If a person has already earned millions, or is worth millions, why do they keep working? Why not enjoy the endless possibilities. I think there are way more important things to do then keep working and trying to earn billions, as there are even folks who have billions and they never seem to stop.

We decide our own level of involvement, whether consciously or not. If we do not think for ourselves someone else will gladly keep us occupied in many ways. That one song, 57 channels and nothing on — now there are hundreds if not thousands of channels, and is anything really on? Thanks for allowing me to waste some of your precious time.

Brian Strong




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