LETTERS: More input on parks?

Will the parks committee be seeking community input - again?

Will the parks committee be seeking community input – again?

I was out today, like several others enjoying Skaha Park on this beautiful sunny day when I heard the sound of chainsaws over by the pond. There some city workers were trimming trees inside the fenced area.

I wandered over near the turtles’ favourite log to see if there were any sunning themselves there. One little guy was. I went back to get a camera to take his picture, but when I returned he was gone.

Should I care about the turtles, birds and bees, and trees in the park? Or about the people that love and want to keep the Park as it is? I do.

I phoned the parks supervisor, to talk about the park. He asked me if I was aware of a parks master plan, and told me that soon this spring, the committee would be seeking input from the community regarding developments in the park. That rather surprised me! “Seeking input, from the community”? Again?

I asked him if he was aware that several thousands of residents and tourists have already expressed their wishes, signing petitions to keep the park as it is, free for all to use, to not lease away and destroy any of its natural area and ambiance for any commercial, private development. And that these many people have been completely ignored. That any person who wanted to keep the park as it is, contrary to the council plans, were discriminated against and not allowed to be on the parks planning committee.

If he was right, what will this “seeking of input from the community” look like this time, I wonder?

Hannah Hyland