LETTERS: Most important election in my life

I only hope that all Canadians understand this and will exercise their right to vote.

I have always voted but, like many people, I had never really taken an interest in politics — life got in the way.

I was too busy being a husband, a father, a son. Until now, that is. I assumed that Canada’s elected officials were making responsible, reasonable decisions that reflected Canada’s core values. I was wrong. I should have kept a closer watch on how we have been manipulated and deceived by the Harper government.

Under Harper, the Canadian economy has fallen from sixth to 11th place in the world. Harper’s Bill C-38 cut $36 billion from heath care funding. Harper is the only PM to be found in contempt of Parliament. The list of Harper’s crimes against all Canadians is long and nauseating. They are described in detail in the National Observer article, Is Harper the Worst Prime Minister in History?

After reading it you will understand why I see the next federal election as the most important one in my lifetime and that of many of us. I can no longer tolerate a government that is dishonest, deceitful and serving only its own interest under the pretense of leadership.

In other countries these methods of increasing his control over all of us and over Parliament, gagging any criticism and steadily eroding our democracy is called a dictatorship. Harper has repeatedly shown that he is only interested in power and secrecy. This is why I am involved in stopping the Conservatives from forming another government. This would be a disaster for Canada.

I believe that October’s election is a fight for the return of democracy and Canada’s core values.

I only hope that all Canadians understand this and will exercise their right to vote.

Bill Smith