LETTERS: No to Penticton property re-designation

We strongly oppose this re-zoning of property along South Beach Drive and Sudbury Avenue in Penticton.

We are writing this letter in regard to the city’s proposal to re-designate properties along South Beach Drive and 300 Sudbury Avenue to RM2 (medium density).

We strongly oppose this re-zoning and want to have it remain P2 (Parks and Recreation) as it is presently designated.

Penticton is a unique setting with  lakes at each end and this is a huge tourist attraction.  There are numerous medium-to-high density multi-family buildings within walking distance of Skaha Beach as well as property already designated for this but not yet built on (Alyson Place and Verana both with unbuilt phases of their developments).

Skaha Breeze  (condominium development) was built a number of years ago and remains empty.  On the old waterslide property there are numerous townhouses being built and there is a property on Lee Avenue that was re-zoned medium-density, but remains empty. We feel city is just trying to increase the value of the property for the eventual sale, with the possible side effect of causing an unwanted tax increase due to increased land values.

In addition, this re-zoning would result in increased traffic and congestion in an area that was never designed for this.   Safety, in terms of emergency vehicle access, would be an added problem.

Susan and Pieter Koster