Letters: Putin, Baird delay letter writer’s retirement

Sometimes it’s just too difficult to bite one’s tongue!

Sometimes it’s just too difficult to bite one’s tongue!

Lately I have been considering giving reader’s a break from my letter writing, I am turning three-quarters of a century old this month and I thought it would be great to swing from my perch without a care while watching the world slowly slipping into oblivion.

However, the headline Putin rattles sabre in a Dec. 11 issue of a local newspaper got my attention.

First, former Defence Minister (aka Pop – Gun Peter MacKay) tells Russia to back off from being too close to Canadian airspace.

Now we have Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird igniting a mis-match that could melt his ridiculous submission to the United Nations claiming 1.2 million square kilometres of seabed, a preliminary claim in the Arctic Ocean  plus  the  North Pole where Santa Claus lives.

Baird should practice what he preaches and should include Russia in any talks before he spews out a truckload of gibberish lacking any thought of diplomacy or the words let’s work together.

MP Baird should consult with our neighbour and fiscal cliff saver Uncle Sam — as the only thing Baird has to defend with against any super power is to rattle those pots and pans in tune with his two interchangeable working parts.

Tom Isherwood