LETTERS: Shaking my head

I am happy to be called a naysayer trying to make council re-think and re-consider.

I would agree a park is many things and a waterslide business back in Penticton would be terrific.

I also agree that while doing something is hard, doing something well and smart without costing the public hundreds of thousands of dollars is even harder.

We negative people, who apparently hate kids and business, ranted  long and hard to try to save our city budget. It’s your money too!

Let’s look at the Okanagan Lake Park improvements and the new walkway. Was it a negative rant or a democratic input of ideas to come to a compromise?

I notice the hockey dorm agreement that cost many tens of thousands, plus gravel to bury it, isn’t mentioned anymore. The South Okanagan Events Centre cost taxpayers millions, for non service, because a less than brilliant business contract was signed by the city.

The city says it can’t afford land for parks at today’s prices so they plan to dig up a park and use the revenue money to buy parkland at tomorrow’s prices. I personally owned a home  in Coquitlam 40 years ago, I can’t afford to buy that same house today.

I am giving my head a shake, in total disbelief. How will a three month operation, per year, pay it’s own debt loan, liability insurance, etc. and cure Penticton’s lack of full time, good paying jobs?

I am happy to be called a naysayer trying to make council re-think, re-consider and generally do a better, smarter job with public funds and land.

Lynn Crassweller