LETTERS: Taking in the show

You are also making a public spectacle of yourselves among other B.C. communities.

In September I attended yet another Save the Park demonstration at Skaha Lake.

I’m sure all of the newspaper readership is aware of the proposed project of using public park land to facilitate the unpopular construction of privately owned waterslides. The area in question had been cordoned off with yellow tape, entirely surrounding the perimeter of the proposed project. Until that moment, I hadn’t realized the extent of this area. It’s enormous. All the trees and foliage destined for total removal were also identified by the yellow tape fastened to them. Some stalwart dissenters had gone to a lot of trouble to do this. As with all the previous gatherings generated by the opposition to this project, there was a decided atmosphere of unity, sincerity, integrity and a determination to see this through.

With all this unrelenting protesting and countless letters to the editor in the newspapers, you continue to steadfastedly ignore this movement. Many of these same people elected you as the mayor of Penticton in a show of complete trust and good faith. Yet, you and the council continue with your own agenda. You are also making a public spectacle of yourselves among other B.C. communities who are no doubt taking in the show. With all this rancor, you stubbornly persist. I have to wonder. Can anyone actually win?

Lynn Guttman