LETTERS: Thousand say no

Askin council not to sign these park land leases. Hold a referendum.

We began an online petition (ipetitions.com/petition/save-our-green-space-in-skaha-park) June 22. By June 28, we had a total of 1,021 signatures. They are mostly those of Pentictonites, but they also include tourists, who know and love Skaha Lake Park.

The petition has 516 comments, which express the range of concerns about this project that we have also seen in letters to the editor. They vent dismay that Mayor Jakubeit and his council have embarked on a project that will destroy such a well used and lovely section of the premier park of Penticton for a pittance of its value. An amusement park with a waterslide would be better built elsewhere, not in Skaha Park.

These comments should remind the mayor and council that these public lands have been created with great cost, effort and foresight by past administrations and should not be disposed of so lightly. We request that they will live up to the accomplishments of their predecessors and do the right thing. We ask them not to sign these leases. Hold a referendum.

Harvey and Sonya Quamme