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Letters: Trudeau doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut

Readers weigh in on the Liberal leader and potential to convert human waste to energy

Another French-Canadian disconnect

There have been and, I’m sure, there will continue to be many controversial issues involving Quebec and the rest of Canada.  However, this is not the issue that I am writing about here.

My issues seem to centre around Mr.Fuddle-duddle Jr. if you will, Justin Trudeau.  A while ago, on national television, he was asked a question regarding Quebec and the part that Quebec plays in Canada.

He was asked about sovereignty issues.  He was asked about multiculturalism and he was asked about bilingualism.

In all of these areas he seemed somewhat evasive and somewhat side-stepping except for one. That one issue was, from my standpoint, an issue that was a statement that probably showed the level of intelligence and reasoning of a four or five-year-old child.

Many four or five-year-olds will answer a question with, “because,” or, “somebody (mom, dad, sister etc.) said so.” Trudeau was asked a question regarding Quebecers and their influence on multiculturalism in Canada.

The question was based on social contribution to the Canadian way of life; socialization; cultural contribution and such. The main thrust of the question had to do with a comparison of Quebecers to the balance of Canadians.

Trudeau answered the question with a blanket statement by saying (with a straight face and conviction) that, “Quebecers are better than the rest of Canadians!” He made it sound as simple as that. When the moderator, Tom Clarke asked him as to why he thought this and what his basis for arriving at this conclusion was, again Trudeau smugly stated, ”It’s because they are Quebecers.”

Wow! Isn’t this a profound, wisdom-based, carefully thought out statement? Aren’t you glad that he has been chosen by the Liberals as their up and coming leader who hopes to follow in daddy’s foot-steps and ascend to the Prime Ministerial throne of Canada?

It conjures up the statement of the Allstate Insurance Company, “You’re in good hands will Allstate.” He would have us believe that he has the skills, knowledge and ability to lead Canada into the future. Kind of a scary thought, don’t you think?

In the last while, Trudeau seems to have shot himself in the foot several times over things he has said or things he has done. Some of these that come to mind other than the aforementioned are: being paid major sums for speaking at charitable functions; his waffling attitude towards marijuana and the latest issue of Quebec’s proposed banning of religion based attire.

With marijuana, he was in concert with the Conservative stand and the status quo law for some time. On a recent Western speaking tour, he did a complete 180 degree turnaround on this subject by advocating that it is time for change and that pot use should be legal or decriminalized.

On the issue of the proposed ban of religious attire in Quebec, he agreed to disagree with the provincial premier. Hmm, I wonder what he thinks about his statement, “Because they are Quebecers now?”

Look out folks, happening in a political arena near you, Fuddle-duddle rides again!

Ron Barillaro



Geoengineering energy potential

The decisions are being made now that may risk inducing unknown disasters!

For example, humans used magnets to navigate the planet for almost a thousand years, without knowing the magnetic fields prevented solar radiation from reaching the planet.

Geoengineering is introducing en masse, a foreign substance intended to  reflect sunlight away from the planet, this may induce unforeseen interactions with other as yet unknown invisible control mechanisms!

An informed decision is required by all.

I have put forward a potential energy source for consideration and debate, to assist in ensuring the decision made is an informed one!

Human excrement + nuclear waste = hydrogen

Dennis Baker



Scrap stealth snowmobile plan

After reading an article regarding the spending of over a half million dollars for a stealth snowmobile, I was left scratching my head.

As a retired Naval Petty Officer, I mulled this around for about an hour, and I still could not believe what I had read.

Any of you out there who have read my letters know how much I detest government waste, and as far as I can tell, this is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

$600,000 on a snowmobile?

I cannot believe that such supposed brilliant minds came up with such a cockamamie idea.

What in blue blazes could this possibly be used for?

To counter the ever present threat of secret evil Inuit terrorist cells in Frobisher Bay?

I hope there is an active duty general out there who reads this and can enlighten me, because, for the life of me, I cannot come up with one single possible use for such an idiotic invention.

Deplorable, absolutely deplorable.

Mark Billesberger



Litke for mayor

With civic elections imminent in Penticton it is most important that the citizens select a competent experiences, wise leader to guide the city over the years ahead.

Having had social and recreational association with Garry Litke on a number of occasions, both before and  since he has been on city council I have been impressed by his sincerity, his ability to hear you out, his calmness and his firm grasp of finance and economics.

He is keenly aware that about one-third of the citizens in Penticton are on fixed incomes so he must be guided by the old Roman maxim Festina lente (make haste slowly).

Revenue must be spent carefully and cautiously avoiding interest payments wherever possible.

Still, Garry has seen the South Okanagan Events Centre built, the upgrading of the swimming pool, the sports centre and the soccer grounds that are in continuous use, tennis courts have been resurfaced and upgrades at Skaha Lake and Powell streets.

Citizens should be aware that Vasek Pospisil the No. 10 in the world had his first introduction to tennis at the Penticton Tennis Club and the range of age of the members stretches from five to 94 and membership is open to everyone.

These accomplishments and many others have occurred during Garry Litke’s  time on the council.

I think he is worthy of your support.

Vince Rabbitte



Nothing wrong with horsepower

(re:  Carriage rides a nuisance, Letters, Western News, Aug. 2)

I must comment on  Ms. van den Berg’s letter.  Where has she been all her life?

Where does she think the word horsepower came from?

Before that big hunk of metal with four wheels and engine and other parts came along animals, including horses, were used for transport.

Horses are used all over the world for this purpose.

When I was a little girl our milkman delivered milk in a horse-drawn wagon, same as our garbage men. Remember wagon wheels?

I guess not by  your discriminating comments.

Oh, and what about the carriages and buggies that people used to get around in? Do you feel misinformed yet?

If so, she should go to the library, ask for assistance, then educate yourself.

Mary Churchill

Farleigh Lake


Time to disband Senate

I say hurrah.  Finally an announcement from the NDP to abolish the Senate.

Personally, some time ago, prior to our last federal election, I inquired what is the country going to do about the  Senate?

Can the people of Canada expect a current job description of exactly what the current Senate does for the extreme funds we pay them?

I for one am very disappointed on the several Senators who have spent tax payer funds for their own use.

We have so many folks that are jobless and could use their jobs back with these funds, for heaven’s sake I beg this government to properly assist all those folk they have put out of work to use some of these funds to reinstate positions they have closed and give our needy folk their jobs back.

I am prepared to start a petition here in Penticton to assist the NDP and all other Canadians who can see that the Senate is no longer a necessary part of our Canadian politics.

I say out with them.

The sooner the better for Canada.

I am already 88 years old, so I hope to see the Senate abolished before I kick the bucket.

Burga Black



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