LETTERS: Vote on policies that matter

Harper’s campaign on division and fear are not “Canadian values.”

Stephen Harper is promoting the Conservatives as the only party that will stand up for “Canadian values” by disputing a court decision that allows religious face coverings while taking the citizenship ceremonial oath.

In February of 2012, Immigration Minister Jason Kenny hired six federal employees to pretend to be new Canadians during a citizenship ceremony for a Sun News broadcast.

How ironic that Kenny seems to have forgotten this incident when he recently emphasized the solemnity of citizenship ceremonies in an anti-niqab statement

It should be noted that “Canadian values” are ignored by Harper on policies of importance such as his ill-treatment of veterans, refugees and First Nations.

Canada is a pariah amongst nations for impeding international agreements on the environment and climate change. This list is endless.

Harper’s campaign on division and fear are not “Canadian values.”

Please base your vote on policies that matter, rather than on two women’s dress preferences during a purely ceremonial oath taking.

John Dorn