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LETTERS: Wasting food

Too many people in this country of plenty go hungry every day.

Too many people in this country of plenty go hungry every day, because they cannot afford the price of fruit and vegetables, or bakery goods that are so immaculately displayed in our stores.

Fortunately, there are some stores that allow people to pick up groceries that are reduced in price, because these items are past their prime, or past the guaranteed date of freshness, but that does not mean they are inedible or spoiled — they might only have a few spots, are soft and don’t look as perfect as the rest. Quite often, as with avocados, persimmons, bananas and tomatoes, these fruits are better and ready to eat than the firm and spotless ones. I highly commend the stores that frequently make groceries at reduced prices available. But there are offenders. The amount of food items perfectly good and safe for consumption that some places throw in the dumpster daily is criminal.

Anybody with a conscience and knows that there are people, even in Penticton, that go hungry because they cannot afford expensive groceries.

Rolf Loth