LETTERS: Who is in charge?

Somehow, I had little confidence the mayor would change his mind.

Somehow, I had little confidence the mayor would change his mind.

I have found over the years extremely arrogant people have difficulty processing what is right or wrong. Is our mayor one of these types? You decide.

I was hoping for a referendum so that I could go media silent, as I really prefer a more private life without all the media attention. Question is does the mayor think we have given up? For the sake of democracy, more than the park issue, I cannot, nor should anyone in Penticton. This should make us more determined to make this right. We own city parks. We have the right to these parks. We should also be united as residents of Penticton against bad decisions at city hall. People power is what it is called.

The petitions shall continue. We will have a petition signing this Saturday, July 24 at Skaha Park. Anyone wanting to volunteer to assist please attend.

Who is really in charge at city hall? Is it the chamber of commerce? If so, are the mayor and council merely puppets to the chamber?

This is not sarcasm, but a valid question. Just how much does the chamber of commerce influence decisions at city hall? Who is responsible for orchestrating this Skaha/Trio lease? Donald Trump has something to tell you.

Clifford Martin