Local population overlooked

Dogs should be allowed on the beaches from October through April

The local population apparently doesn’t want the parking changed along Lakeshore Drive. For safety reasons, why not simply limit the size/weight of vehicles allowed to park there, instead of changing the whole system? If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Another matter I’d like to comment on is this business of not allowing local pet owners to walk their dogs on the beach during off-tourist time (October to April). Many people (including seniors) move here, buy property, appliances, furniture, etc., supporting the local economy, and many have dogs to keep them active and ease lonely feelings. Most are strict about picking up their dogs’ droppings (the free bags are great), which aren’t as numerous anyhow as those the geese leave. The off-leash parks are good, but too restricting.

My overall impression of Penticton is that it’s a go-ahead, active little city, but amenities are weighted more in favour of tourism than local residents. It’s true tourists are the “jam” for Penticton, but many of us locals feel the city council should remember that year-round residents are the ‘bread and butter’.

Kay (Kate) Hopkins