Markets bring a boost

No licence structure for Penticton Farmers' Market is a matter of fairness and balance

Business licences for both of Penticton’s Saturday morning markets are in the works.

The Penticton Farmers’ Market has been a Saturday morning event in Penticton for 22 years. The neighbouring Downtown Market is four years old this year.

Both markets enliven downtown Penticton.

There has been nothing remiss or amiss in the process that brings a licence rate to the Penticton Farmers’ Market or The Downtown Penticton Market. It has been under discussion for a couple of years.

Matters of balance and fairness as well as general public input informed the fee structure developed by city council, market officials and city staff. The markets happen once a week for half a day from spring to fall and the new licence fees reflect this.

As always, the farmers and crafters who sell at the Penticton Farmers’ Market are from both inside Penticton city boundaries and from surrounding communities.

All of the Saturday morning market vendors are the same people who frequent Penticton hardware outlets, auto dealerships, dry goods and grocery stores, etc. They have a full role in the ordinary commerce of the city.

Further to the farm folk and city folk connection, it is worth noting that Penticton’s advancing urban agriculture movement is underway with leadership from founders of the Penticton Farmers’ Market. These founders know that “growing your own grub” is very near the heart of food sustainability efforts.

The business licences which will be taken out by both Saturday markets will affirm their shared interest in the capacity of the City of Penticton to maintain order and respect in commerce of all kinds.

Let the market season begin.

Dave Cursons