Mayor’s position changes

After winning Liberal nomination, will Dan Ashton resign as mayor of Penticton?

Congratulations Mayor Ashton. I read with much interest that you won the candidacy for the B.C. Liberal party in our riding. While I seem to remember your answer at the mayor candidates’ night in November 2011 about not being interested in the B.C. Liberal nomination, you have every right to change your mind and follow your dreams.

Being the mayor of Penticton and chairman of the RDOS must be quite time-consuming. Since the residents of Penticton trusted you to be a full-time mayor, when can we expect you to follow-up with the right gesture and resign from your current post? You no doubt understand that we deserve an individual who is 100 per cent dedicated to our immediate and pressing local issues. Furthermore, staying in your current function could be construed as “having one’s cake and eating it too”.

Lastly, I wonder how many of my fellow citizens cast a vote in your favour last November, based on your commitment to serve as mayor of Penticton and your apparent disinterest in the local B.C. Liberal party’s nomination.

Benoit Robert