No more time change

There are many reasons to stop changing the clocks.

On Nov. 3 we are to set to change our clocks back an hour and live in earlier darkness for the next four months. But what for?

We are no longer in the dark ages so why make us live in them?

There are many reasons to stop changing the clocks; experience an extra hour of daylight following a long workday and sharing it with our family outdoors is a good place to start. Another is the time change drastically increases energy consumption overnight. It pushes people into early darkness and forces us to turn on the lights earlier than we would have had to.

Energy consumption naturally increases this time of year as days gradually get shorter. However, this time change makes it worse and increases our bills.

Help me make some noise, write a letter to the editor, mayor, or whoever needs to hear to make this a thing of the past. Let’s do it — no time change on Nov. 3.

Cyndy Bishop