Party’s priorities hard to swallow

The main question in an election is “Do I vote for the candidate or do I vote for the party?” I belong to no political party — I vote for the candidate. In the last election I voted for Stockwell Day, despite my misgivings about Mr. Harper.

As I say, I cast a vote based on past performance at other levels, and I have a long memory. Dan Albas cast a critical municipal vote to impose taxes on the service clubs of this city, despite the financial difficulties these clubs were experiencing and despite their great contribution to the community. I’m sure veterans and charitable organizations remember this.

Dan Albas was also part of a council that deflected monies from contingency funds to offset flow-through electricity costs — costs that could accrue to future generations. That same council gave themselves much praise for an insignificant property tax cut, while doubling the rate for pool fees at the PCC by roughly 50 per cent. This council must have considered the impact on low-income seniors and children.

That same council could be about to make decisions that will affect this valley for generations — without a public referendum. But they won’t be around to take the future flack.

Some “team players” are actually “yes men” and I have difficulty differentiating in this case. But I am very aware that the Progressive Conservative platform is based on jets, jails and corporate tax cuts.

The cost of one jet (airworthy) is approximately. $148 million. Do you know how far this would go to eliminating child poverty and homelessness in this country?

Mr. Harper’s vision to build a myriad of jails to house people does not address crime. The root cause of crime is poverty. I cannot even guess what his intentions are, nor can the other political parties — that is why he was cited for contempt of Parliament.

The maximum return on each corporate tax-exempt dollar is $0.20 and there is no proof that this creates jobs. These corporate tax breaks (estimated at $3 billion) are of no benefit to small businesses — the actual job creators.

I have not yet decided which way to vote, but it will not be Progressive Conservative. You are what you eat, and given Mr. Harper’s disdain for the Parliament and the people, I could not stomach his meals.

Patrick MacDonald