Pearce paints rosy picture

Re the 13 years mayor, nine years councillor and 38 years lawyer Mike Pearce’s letter in the June 3 issue of the Penticton Western News asking forgiveness for writing so much. I can forgive him for writing whatever he wishes, as like any citizen he is entitled to an opinion and I don’t have to read it. However, with his stated background it is difficult to forgive his assumption of entering the category of Ms. Slump or Mr. Barillaro, who seem to have a far superior sense of our communities and people than does Coun. Pearce.

Coun. Pearce writes that he has visited various prisons, wardens and RCMP in order to make his determination. However rosy those sources paint prisons blended into a population of millions such as the Lower Mainland, does not mean it is a good fit in the city of Penticton with its much smaller population.

Furthermore, with all that background, Coun. Pearce should know by now there is some intelligent life among his constituents. Perhaps with more thought and consultation he can learn that all city decisions should not be based solely on dollars and cents. Thus, a vote against a prison within the city is not a vote against prisons in general or bringing investment, money and jobs to the communities. Rather, it is a vote against a perceived and potentially negative impact to our values such as cultures, lifestyles, community, security and the impressions of residents and the very important visitors to our city.

So, learned readers, do not vote at the opinion poll based on Coun. Pearce’s strong urging and biased research,. Rather, do so on what you have read, heard and experienced and consider all the perceived pros and cons as they relate to your personal needs, comforts, security, lifestyle and the integrity of the community. In that way we will all be better served.

Unfortunately the opinion poll will be held at the less accessible City Hall rather than a more central location such as Cherry Lane with a bus hub, better parking and easier walking and a better representation of the community. Be that as it may, it is important to partake of the poll, for without a good turnout the results may be as useless as screen doors on submarines.

Sheldon Hansen