Penticton councillor right about regional costs

It has been standard practice for the rest of the surrounding area to consider Penticton their city until it comes to paying the costs

As a resident of Penticton I disagree with Helena Konanz running for council in Penticton. She should have run to represent where she chooses to live: in the RDOS.

However, I must take issue with the Judy and Al Sears diatribe (Western Oct. 26) against Helena Konanz for daring to be the lone councillor to stand against the continual sellout of Pentictonites and their tax dollars to the neither regions.

It seems the West Bench is so used to riding on the backs of Penticton taxpayers they think they have the right to attack any of our councillors who stand up for us.

For too long it has been standard practice for the rest of the surrounding area to consider this their city until it comes to paying the costs. They run for our offices, they control our tax dollars, but they weasel out of paying their share of the tax dollars they so love to spend.

As far as the Penticton Community Centre goes: The small tax you pay is gratis of the Okanagan library system and was intended for the use of our library. Our council should have never agreed to throw in the community centre with this.

You are right nobody else in the neither regions pays for the community centre or any other service here in Penticton. However, the list of services you request from us is never ending. But then it is always easier to get someone else to pay the bills if they are stupid enough to do it.

As far as you paying too much for water:  Your regional director finagled his way through a water deal that was slanted in your favour. If you are paying too much for your water then I suggest you contact the RDOS and request a better deal. You are certainly getting it cheap enough.

If I wish to criticize Helena Konanz, that is my right, however, that privilege does not belong to either of you.

From the tone of your letter I can only assume that Helena hit a sore spot. Personally, I hope she keeps on hitting it.

Elvena Slump