Person more than condition

People with Down syndrome do not suffer from the condition, but rather the medical issues surrounding the syndrome

In your March 29 issue, you wrote a little article about World Down Syndrome Day. You used the phrase “sufferers of Down syndrome” to describe people with Down syndrome.

I’m writing on behalf of Dragonfly Pond Society as well as a mother who has a son with Down syndrome. To use the phrase ‘sufferers from down syndrome’ to refer to anyone with Down syndrome is completely inaccurate and hurtful.

Dragonfly Pond had a celebration on March 21 to celebrate World Wide Down Syndrome Day at the club put on by PDCRS which is a special day to bring awareness about Down syndrome and the positive impact people with Down syndrome have on their communities.

Down syndrome occurs when a third copy of the 21st chromosome is present. That’s why the third month (March) and the 21st day are used to celebrate and educate people on Down syndrome.

According to the Global Down Syndrome Foundation: “many families feel their loved one with Down syndrome does not suffer from Down syndrome but rather from medical issues surrounding the syndrome…”

Society has worked so hard to eliminate discrimination with people who have Down syndrome by integrating them in schools, workplaces and other facets of life.

All those with Down syndrome have feelings, thoughts, interests, hopes and dreams. People with Down syndrome would like you to see them for who they are, not for the diagnosis they have.

See the person, not the disability.

Jennifer Frost


Dragonfly Pond Family Society