Playing with fire

Goodness gracious, what got into Otto Sturhahn. What were you thinking of? I refer to your letter in the Penticton Western News dated March 2. If informs us that you actually approached two on-duty police officers and engaged in social intercourse. In the conversation you mentioned that their traffic safety patrol compared to highway robbery of unsuspecting victims, oblivious to the fact you were distracting, obstructing and hindering to law enforcement officers.

Did you not realize that your ignorance could have qualified you for a citation? Thank goodness you took the initiative to go forth and multiply as the second traffic officer suggested.

May I add that obnoxious acts, such as these, will see you well on your way to becoming among the first new tenants of that big new government housing project that everyone have been talking about recently. While leaving the scene of the crime as you so amusingly put it, you may have overheard the officer mention what you thought was, “he had a bad cough.” But in reality, he may have referred to you as a dumb cough. Boy oh boy, some mothers do have them.

Otto, someone must have switched your regular meds for placebo to have pulled a stunt like that and penned it in the media

Andy Homan