Political fairy tale

B.C. election results give rise to a modern-day fairy tale

And the big, red wolf huffed and she puffed and she puffed again … and again, until the sheep were so frightened of her tales of barren meadows and empty feed troughs that they gladly lined up for her slaughterhouse, relieved that they would never have to embrace an independent thought again.

Meanwhile, the timid orange wolf retreated to his house of straw, utterly devastated that no sheep would believe his story of the wonderful collective farm where wolves and sheep could work together, gain strength and finally topple the ancient slaughterhouse.

But wait. Could there be hope? The cry of a young, green wolf is heard far off in the distance. Could this cub finally be the one to rally the remaining sheep — the ones not fooled by the red wolf or the orange wolf and sent to their demise. Or does he bring the blueprints for a second, solar-powered slaughterhouse?

When the earth has hence circled the sun for the fourth time, the red wolf, the orange wolf and the green wolf will battle once more for the hearts of the sheep … and the flesh.

The blue wolf got hit by a bus.

Derek Lenk