Pre-emptive strike possible

Two scenarios the world she be concerned about Israel's right to defend itself

There are perhaps two serious scenarios NATO and the free world should be concerned about regarding Israel’s right to defend itself by means of a pre-emptive air strike or a counter-attack should Iran attack first.

Today, Israel is not protected by the occupied Sinai Desert. Captured in the Six-Day War in 1967, the Sinai had been a buffer zone between Israel and Egypt. The Sinai was given back to Egypt when both countries signed the peace treaty in 1979.

For several years, a belligerent Iran has been threatening to wipe Israel off the map. Iran is building ICBM missiles and is nearly finished building a nuclear bomb. The American president seems to be unaware of the threat against Israel.

The first scenario is Israel may pre-empt Iran and try to take out their nuclear capability. The second scenario is what Israel may do if Iran launches first. I believe that if Iran launches a surprise attack, Israel will counter attack. Something most Arab and Muslim countries seem to be blissfully unaware of: if Iran launches first, Israel will counter attack — not just against Iran, but all other Arab and Muslim capital cities and any other nation that has assisted Iran in developing nuclear weapons. I believe North Korea and Pakistan are on that list: The Koreans for supplying missiles and the Pakistanis for supplying nuclear technology. I would not be surprised to discover Israeli submarines off the Korean coast and in the Gulf of Oman with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles.

Recently, the new Egyptian army chief of staff, a Muslim fanatic, has moved Egyptian armoured units up close to the Israeli frontier which borders the Sinai Desert. With no buffer zone, Israel is in a precarious situation. If Israel must launch against Iran, it is quite likely Israel must also launch against Egypt.

The third problem Israel must deal with: Recently, the Syrians have said they will supply chemical weapons to the Hamas and Hezbollah forces in Gaza and Lebanon. Suddenly something Israel had only thought about as a “worst possible scenario”, with an indifferent President Obama, Israel may have to launch against all possible targets.

The Israeli and world Jewish peoples have said since the Second World War: “There will never be another holocaust.” The Christian and Jewish way of life began in the Middle East; unfortunately for all of us, it might end there. The nuclear clock is ticking.

Ernie Slump