Prison deserves support

The more I hear from people not wanting a prison in our area the more I wonder where they get their misguided information about the downside of it all, considering the much-needed economic stimulation our community would receive from both the construction and ongoing from all the new very well paying jobs that will be created.

I think that the benefits for all of our local businesses plus the improved bottom line with added taxes in the community coffers would be more than enough to sway the decision to allow it. I think the public referendum will show how much those in our community will welcome the opportunity.

I grew up in a community with two prisons and worked in a prison for many years. There was never a concern about where the former residents would live, as they would opt to be as far as they could from the prison. And if by chance they managed to escape, they would not stick around to get caught and would put as much distance as they could between the community and themselves. Penticton is too small for an escapee to hide in without being caught fairly quickly.

In reference to the letter from Vivian Clark (Western News May 6), where on earth does this number of $19,000 come from? The city does not pay to house these inmates, the provincial and federal governments do. That being said, where would the food, medical and other supplies be purchased? How about locally? Funny, another benefit for our community and local businesses.

I personally hope we vote for the prison and all the stimulation for our economy in the South Okanagan. That’s my rant for today, now I will go and find something of real value to worry about like the cost of gas and utilities.

Bruce Statham