Prison tour falls short

Dan Ashton and his gang headed to the Lower Mainland on an all-expense-paid (from your sweat-earned dollar) trip to ask communities there about the negative impact of a prison in their communities.

I feel, of course, they were only looking for the positive implications and failed to ask the appropriate questions of the right people. They failed to consider the demographics of those communities and overlooked the history of each community relative to the construction of their respective prisons.

Above all, I feel they are no wiser of the economic base of those communities, nor the reliance of those communities on tourism. I am sure they also overlooked the size and population of those communities and their ability to hide such ominous facilities.

The gang now tells our community they found no negative implications related to housing a prison in any community they visited.

Would you expect any less of them? Would you expect them to admit they made a poor decision on your behalf?

The greater embarrassment to the intellect of this process is that they have decided to accept this federal gift from the provincial government long before they began doing their homework on the issue at the civic level.

What they should be doing is exposing the individuals who would burden us with this agenda 21 installation.

Lindsey Hall