Public property no place for pet business

Reader complains about owners who let pets piddle on private property

Why do people let their pets pee and poo on other people’s property (including city property)?

Why don’t they let their pets do the messes on their own property?

Even when people pick up poo when walking their dog, there is stinky residue left behind thus flies which carry disease.

Pee you can’t even pick-up but leaves yellow patches all over town.

How would a person like it if their friend or neighbor were to pee or poo on their lawn or in their garden?

It’s the same thing if you think about it.

You hear excuses that my dog goes where it wants to go, or I grab my dog’s leash and control where it goes.

I’ve even seen people looking the other way when their pooch does its business.

My nieces and nephews play soccer in a school field. Have you ever walked in a school field and looked down?

Yellow patches and remnants of dog poo which the children run and roll through.

Our pets only do their business on our property. Please have respect for other people’s property and provide your dog or cat a litter box or have a designated place on your property where they can do their business and thus cleaning up the mess will be up to you, not some other person.

Some people are disabled and have trouble bending to clean up pet messes, so please keep this in mind.

Laura Pede