Put focus on transit

Buses are regularly travelling through the city with no passengers

Municipal elections are coming soon as I see names posted everywhere by hopefuls seeking seats on council or other office. Recently there has been a number of knowledgeable letters in your paper, suggesting issues that should concern us such as water use and supply, park land conservation, public lighting, etc.

One matter that I have been concerned about for sometime is that every day I see very nice buses plying our streets regularly, which is nice except that these buses are nearly always empty.

I wonder who in our city council is responsible for bringing about this glaring fiasco?

Buses cost money to run so who is getting benefit from running empty ones? This does not make sense at all.

Seniors particularly need social interaction but many don’t drive after 70. Some can’t have cars but they like to go to church on Sunday, or visit family and friends but there are no buses in evenings or weekends, so what are they to do? I am surprised some enterprising individual with some extra money cannot start a small service to fill the needs of population on weekends or evenings. Surely it would not cost as much as running empty buses day after day

Is this a possible election issue?

Rae Fowler