Sanity prevails

The city has now included an option to make no major changes to Lakeshore Drive and the waterfront

There has been complaining and general criticism by the public as to the recommendations by a committee for upgrading to Penticton’s Lakeshore Drive.

The presentation included Options A and B, which was met with a resounding rejection by the public. The general consensus was that the planning was ill conceived and stupid. However, credit to the city council for their revision and its decision to add two further options.

One of the options was to make (no major changes). The entire matter is to be reviewed again followed by a public meeting. Sanity prevails.

On a lighter note, the decoration of the stage area of Gyro bandshell has proven to be a tremendous asset to the community.

Thanks to the Downtown Penticton Association and the Penticton Gyro Club for their funding to the upgrade of the bandshell. The performers and attendees during the past summer tourist season were very enthusiastic as to the improvement of this marvelous venue.

Bill Slessor