Science disregarded

Stop the fumbling and bumbling and get on with the job of protecting all Canada’s shores.

Why would a modern, well educated person in an important position not wish to hear from prominent scientists whose job it was to pass pertinent information to the VIP?

Strange, but that is what has happened in Ottawa as Prime Minister rids himself (and his country) of environmental, fishery, water, health and other scientists.

Important boards and facilities have been closed or down-sized. Federal legislation easing restrictions were included in the “budget.”

Even the long census form was too much. There is now no firm statistical base for special, necessary information.

Canada is teetering on the edge of huge proposals for the modification and transport of oil and gas products. The impact on inland ecology and water and the uncertainty of coastal shipping could be disastrous.

Surely they need to check most carefully with the best information possible before embarking on any massive endeavours. There are undeniable risks; are they worth taking?

Stephen Harper must pay immediate attention to his policy of anti-scientific study by people working on behalf of Canada, not industry.

Further, the Harper government must show sensible leadership concerning the present fiasco concerning the building of coastal vessels.

The ships are needed now for this country with the longest coastline. The costs and delays so far stagger the imagination; $200 million for blue prints? Unbelievable.

Once a year visits to the arctic does not protect Canada’s interests.

The need is urgent. Stop the fumbling and bumbling and get on with the job of protecting all Canada’s shores. Patrol vessels and new search and rescue helicopters are urgently required.

Please write/contact Dan Albas with your concerns re: scientific work and coastal protection.

Contact Prime Minister Harper also.

Sheila White