Seniors given a rough ride

Road shoulders need to be cleared of gravel and debris to accommodate scooters

I am in my elder years, unable to walk much, but can use my “open air Cadillac” which is my four-wheel, battery-powered scooter.

First, I want to thank the city workers for ensuring I can cross roads and get back to the safety of sidewalks with the sloped curb accesses. But I have to ask for just a little more to aid us older folk who have to use scooters.

First, many of the older sidewalks are badly deteriorated, extremely rough and hard to steer over the ridges between panels. Could these edges be ground down a little? It would make such a difference. The roadways in many cases are smoother, but dangerous to drive along and I would hate becoming a bumper ornament or having my scooter scratch the side of some nice car driven by a driver who doesn’t see me.

Also, the transition between the blacktop and the concrete is often left with an edge that the scooter has a rough time getting up on when crossing the streets.

Second, I am fortunately able to drive from near Wal-Mart all the way along the Channel Parkway to the community pool. Cars often stop on the side of the road, and when pulling out into traffic bring a lot of small gravel onto the bike lane road shoulder — and that is where I drive.

The pebbles make driving a challenge. I, and others who are also mobility challenged, would appreciate having the sweeper occasionally clear the road shoulder.

Joe Nowicki