Seniors put to the test

Senior drivers asked to pass ridiculous high-tech test in order to keep their driver's licence

Well isn’t it a crying bloody shame that the persons and the powers to be at the helm just did a hard over and about turn regarding the new seniors’ driving assessment skills. I wonder how many devastated seniors there are who had their driver’s licences revoked due to not being able to pass the new ridiculous high-tech NASA controller computer test, in order to keep one of their lifelong achievement awards (the coveted driver’s licence).

For example, my father-in-law, who is a young 82 years old and unfortunately not being an X-Box or Nintendo savvy person, was unable to navigate the electronic gauntlet he was required to perform in order to pass the new driver’s exam.

The devastation which followed after this impossible task required him to surrender his driver’s licence. He was given no other alternative but to part with his “pride and joy” (an item that he could never replace now), even knowing he could pass, with flying colours, the original provincial government road test evaluation, having been a professional driver with Greyhound and school buses and heavy equipment operator for the past 60 years, with an impeccable driver’s abstract and certificates in his study to prove this point. This I can attest to.

His only regret is that our new premier did not forgo politics and take a higher paying salary job as “poster girl” for Colgate or Crest toothpaste, where she could have earned more popularity with her wonderful beaming smile.

Andy Homan