Stove goes missing in Summerland

Appliance left a friend's house mysteriously goes missing

Last Wednesday I delivered a three-year-old, white, self-cleaning GE stove to a friend’s house in the Glenfir area of Summerland.

I didn’t know my friend was not going to be home so I left the stove on the patio outside their door with the intention of coming back at a later time to install it.

Over the next day or so someone, thinking that the stove was a discard, removed the stove from the patio.

The loss of this stove has caused great hardship and hard feelings between my friend and I.

Neither of us can afford the cost of replacing this stove. If you are the person(s) who removed the stove please return it, no questions asked.

I will even come and get it. No harm done just call me and I will go and get it.

Call Mark at 250-488-7124.

Mark Dicer