Teacher not a bully

Students come to defence of Penticton teacher accused of making inappropriate comments

I am writing this letter in concern of Joe Fries’ article on Miko McGrady. I am very upset at the accusations of this article.

I was Mr. McGrady’s student in Grade 11 (2010-2011) and the accusations in this article are very strong and very serious. As one of his former students, I will state that Mr. McGrady had a sense of humour that students could relate to, helping us connect with him as a teacher.

In my presence, he never bullied my fellow classmates, although some of the students did not respect his authority and did say rather crude comments in front of Mr. McGrady. In some cases, students did ask him for the French definitions of immature sayings, such as cuss words, but in his defence, many French teachers that I have had in the past have taught us words that are inappropriate. No one is perfect.

I don’t take this article lightly and after many conversations with my former fellow classmates, we can all agree that the contents of this article are disturbing and you will be hearing from them as well.

Megan Oh