Team can be proud

Parent upset with coverage of high school volleyball

It was with interest that I read Emanuel Sequeira’s article “Lakers remain Halloween Kings”.

Although my teenagers are Princess Margaret students it is always exciting to learn of others’ success. Having competed against them for the last several years, there are many names that are now familiar to me. How exciting for this group of girls to win their home tournament.

You can imagine my surprise when upon concluding the article the last sentence read, “Princess Margaret Mustangs finished last among the 13 teams.” I found it odd and disheartening that the entire article was written about the success of the Lakers and ended with a negative comment about the Mustangs.

Our girls played hard and performed fairly well under the circumstances. We are a AA school playing in a AAAA tournament. If Emanuel wanted to include the Mustangs in his article it would have been nice if he would have dug deeper and found out some of the facts surrounding our wins and losses.

These girls deserved some encouragement and positive press. However, like my mother always taught me, “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.”

Mustang Pride is in the air.

Barb Pichette