The moral of the story

I was appalled to read the story about the film Monkeying Around at the Penticton Art Gallery. I don’t know how it was missed, but a film involving a lesbian relationship between a woman and an ape is called bestiality: sexual relations between a person and an animal; sodomy. I looked it up just in case I was misinformed. I appear to be correct.

For whatever reason, many lofty sounding alternatives are presented in the article — this perversion is being given blessing instead of the sidewalk. I don’t see any reason why a story with such lofty goals could not have been presented with a different relationship and really have been about those goals.

The choice of delivery by this team has stolen from their desired result and is making the film about trying to rewrite people’s morals rather than whatever their point was.

Since it seems to be unclear what the goal actually was (based on the vague perspective of Mr. Kidd), I would like to suggest that less praise be awarded to this work just because its maker is from Penticton and more critical thought be used to analyze if this is really what we want to teach our children.

B. Ramsay