Treatment needed

Regarding the story “High-risk pedophile back on the street”: Phillipe needs treatment. He is a young man with a very troubled past who wants to be accepted and loved. He is the product of horrific abuse and as such he is emotionally much younger than his 19 years (and therefore not as responsible as most 19 year olds).

There is no help for him here and he is left to flounder and thus is at increased risk of being harmed himself. It is all well and good for the courts to put restrictions on Phillipe’s activities to protect the public, but what is our responsibility towards Phillipe?

He is now our neighbour and as such we need to protect him as well as ourselves. I would like to know what our political candidates intend to do about the cutbacks that have left so many desperate people without the resources they need to survive much less live safe and productive lives.

We must remember, as the article stated, that Phillipe has not been charged with any offence and we need to take some responsibilty towards getting Phillipe the help he needs.

Sherry Ure