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Violence in Gaza

The escalating violence in Gaza poses a threat to all nations

The escalating violence in Gaza poses a threat to all nations and not just a threat to the Israelis and the Palestinians. This could be a start of a very serious religious confrontation that would engulf the whole world and would not be confined to just the Middle East.

If the rulers of Israel believe that they have the upper hand simply because they have a nuclear arsenal at their disposal and the rest of the Arab world does not, they had better think again. Pakistan, although not in the immediate region, has nuclear weapons and this country is primarily Muslim and it does not take much of an imagination to suggest that they will back their religious counterparts in the Arab world if they believe that their beliefs are in jeopardy. This could bring the U.S. into the fray as they have sworn to protect Israel, which in turn would bring the western nations into this maelstrom of violence and bring about the worst religious war that the world has ever known.

For some reason man has never learned that you can kill a man, but you can never kill his beliefs. Is there an answer? Yes, but it will take some serious revelations concerning the acceptance of the differences that compose this world that we live in and learn to live with these differences. Peace can only come through understanding and diplomacy and not through wars and confrontations.

Donald E Thorsteinson